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By the end of the nineteenth century, after a long period during which the weakness of China became ..
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A Time And A Tide: A Memoir
Charles K. Kao was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for "groundbreaking achievements concerning th..
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Sir Charles Kao is generally regarded as the father of fiber optics, based in part on his discovery ..
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Neijing zhiyao, in two volumes, compiled by Li Zhong-zi of the Ming dynasty, was carefully proof-rea..
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The essays in this collection cover topics relating to the history of marathon running in Hong Kong ..
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Multiple Modernities approaches the concept of modernity through two historical phases of Norawy. Th..
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Within this text, the contributors provide a historical perspective on the development of anthropolo..
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THE FLOWER PRINCESS (Dae Neui Fa or Dinühua in Mandarin) has become the most renowned Cantonese Ope..
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Transforming History examines the profound transformation of historical thought and practice of writ..
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