CHINA VALUE 9 Investment Strategies

出版社︰ 天窗
國際書號(ISBN): 9789812903938
作者: 東尼
出版日期: 2010-04
出版社: 天窗
頁數: 256
語言: 中文
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Once again Tony Measor, described as "the Warren Buffett of the East", picks up his pen and gives invaluable insight into steadily accumulating wealth through stock market investment, this time in China. Perhaps the best advocates for Tony''s investment principles are the numerous shareholders who have followed his advice and prospered; he is in fact a player himself, with an enviable portfolio. The investment portfolio in his columns for a popular weekly, Next Magazine, in Hong Kong has grown by 530% since 1999. The Chinese Edition of his previous book, Invest to Last: 10 Timeless Principles, ranked No.1 Bestselling Title of the Year 2006 in Hong Kong. In this new book, Tony takes us into the new and exciting world of China equities. He shows his selection of best sectors and growth shares to invest in China, covering the negative impact of new accounting principles, key elements of evaluating Chinese stocks and the balance of dividends and growth; investors can easily follow his guide to build a fantastic portfolio and get their plentiful reward. China is a world full of promise, while at the same time a world beset with hidden dangers. Tony reminds investors to beware of government intervention and the possible incompetence of management, and he teaches what preventive measures to take. Let Tony be our guide. He has a nose for sensing the most profitable, and the safest, road to take.



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